The SLB200 is a lightweight, compact, performance-oriented bass with a hollow body and internally mounted pickup system that affords outstanding tone and solid, natural pizzicato response that makes it an ideal choice for jazz or popular genres. Plug-and-play electronics combine with acoustic bass style playability for extraordinary versatility.


Detachable Frame for Convenience and Portability

The SLB200 features frame that provides excellent support and comfort while playing, but can be easily detached for convenient storage and transportation. The SLB200 fits in a compact case that can be comfortably carried with a shoulder strap.


Straightforward Controls

Volume, bass, and treble controls on the SLB200 combine with active electronics to allow versatile plug-and-play operation without the need for external preamplification.

    Yamaha SLB200 Silent Double Bass - Brown

    SKU: P00586