100% cotton towel with an abrasive, stainless-steel scrubbing patch. Instrument cleaning should be a daily practice to maintain the integrity of the varnish and keep strings clear of rosin buildup.

Rosin Saver - The Ultimate Bass Cloth

SKU: P00567
    • The Towel: Durable cotton weave safely and effectively removes rosin dust from the fingerboard and body of your instrument without leaving behind loose fibers or residue.
    • The Scrubber: Flexible steel scrubbing patch effortlessly removes caked rosin from your strings keeping your bow hair clear of gritty, dry rosin. 
    • Design: Slate grey color camouflages rosin dust and fingerboard residue. Towel: 35x35 cm Scrubber: 8x8 cm. Machine washable.

    Note: The Scrubber is intended for use on steel strings only. Do not use elsewhere on the instrument.