The VIVO from Joyo’s BantamP series is a very compact and portable 20 Watt head. It tries to bring you the sound of a British classic that has been molded to give you the modern high gain tones that so many bands now use. Back in the days, the big 100 Watt heads were “dimed” (all knobs on 10) to push the amplifier really hard and make it distort as much as possible. Out of this came the first amps that were modified to have more gain right from the start. Often, the super saturated high gain sound of those days is referred to as “The Brown Sound” and this is the direction the VIVO excels in.

Screaming leads, chunky rhythms with a bit of a hole in the mids… this is where the VIVO is strongest. If you wanna rock’n’roll, VIVO is going to be your new best friend!

Joyo banTamP Vivo Mini Tube Guitar Amp

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  • Joyo Vivo electric guitar head with bluetooth, BantamP-series, BantamP-Series, 20W, tube preamp with 1x 12AX/, clean & overdrive channels, controls: thomann gain, tone & volume, fx loop, bluetooth on/off switch (to receive bluetooth signal), 1x speaker out (8 ohms), 1x headphone out (3,5mm minijack), dimensions: 163mm x 110mm x 140mm, weight: 1,2kg, incl. power supply