Every HeartStrings creation is unique, designed and hand-crafted by Michelle in her Edmonton-based studio. Each piece thoughtfully incorporates retired guitar strings, a testament to the transcendent power of music and its place in our lives. Each piece is created to be a lifestyle accent – from the exquisite Champagne collection to the statement-making, versatile Urban collection.


HeartStrings is proud to reflect eco-conscious and community-based artistry. Guitar strings, each made up of an assortment of metals, cannot be recycled by traditional means. Michelle partners with musicians and local music shops to collect their retired guitar strings and give them new life. The refined strings become a beautiful, durable, and exceptional palette for HeartStrings fine jewelry.


Comes in 3 Sizes 6.5", 7", and 8"

    HeartStrings Urban Electric Bracelet - 6.5" Small

    SKU: P00420